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Character Profile: Zahra


System: Earthdawn

Race: T’skrang

Class: Thief

Circle: 1

Backstory: Zahra was born in the slums of V’strimon to a loving, though distant owner of a brothel/public house.  As is usual, she exhibited signs of being an adept at a very early age, and her mother (also as usual) instantly saw stars and hoped her beloved daughter would become a Troubador.  The local thieves’ guild had other ideas, and Zahra moved deeper into the slums and shadows, becoming an apprentice under Yasmira, a high-ranking thief adept and member of the Council.  Her small height and scrawny stature made her a shoe-in for “second storey” work, though her soft heart and cowardice caused Yasmira much frustration.

Currently: After saving Maras, the son of House Mamacona, and witnessing the internal betrayal of V’strimon’s Thieves Guild to Kratas, Yasmira (with Zahra in tow) began a series of favor trading (or blackmail) with the Matron Mother of House Mamacona, culminating in Zahra being sent to Kratas, disguised as a member of the guard troop sent to accompany Maras in his business dealings.  Far from V’strimon, Zahra discovers that the plotting against Mamacona goes deeper than originally thought, and the presence of Questors of Vestral means the betrayal is likely internal.  At Maras’ insistance, they flee Kratas and head North, to both escape any further attempts on Maras’ life and to begin to follow the threads of Legend and make a name for themselves.