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Thinking is dangerous, m’kay?


So, my Snarkcraft partner-in-crime poked me with an idea a couple weeks ago that’s been rolling around in my head ever since.  And because I totally suck at decision making, I’m gonna open up the floor to discussion via the loverly comment button below.

Apparently, I have an interesting perspective on books, specifically YA books, as witnessed by the comments to this post.

While I’ll never be another SBTB, she feels I would make an interesting reviewer.

This, though I’m too poor to have a good, steady supply of books, and my reading tends to go in bursts.  Sometimes YA, sometimes Romance, sometimes Fantasy, and sometimes online manga scans.

And also, any who’s checked my activity on Goodreads knows I don’t usually ever get around to doing the review part that the site wants, anyway.

Also, this will make Blog #3 that I write or co-write, and this from someone who never considered herself much of a writer (or wanted to do that much writing) to begin with.  wth

So, thoughts from the masses?  Good idea or doomed to failure?  Would you even be interested in going through my current shelves to hear me snark/rave on the YA genre?