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Simple Shortbread


Okay, these are the easiest cookies in the world.

1 cup butter, softened or melted
1/2 cup + 2 tbsp sugar
2 1/2 cup sifted flour

Cream together butter and sugar, then add flour.  Stir until it comes together in a dough (the more soft the butter, the creamier the dough) then chill for 1hr.

From here, you can do just about anything…  Roll out and cut, drop, roll and slice fridge-style, press into a mold…  Make cookies 1/3 to 1/2 inch thick.

Bake at 300 for 20-25 min  (Cookies do not brown, nor do they spread during baking.)

Let cool completely on baking sheet before removing– these things are molten butter when they come out.  Store in the refrigerator.


These things are fun, easy, and always popular.  Usually when I make them, I do them filled.  Press the cookies thin, add a TIIIIINY bit of Raspberry preserves (or they’ll leak out the edges), place another on top, squish in the edges.  These things go FAST.