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Character Profile : Eleri


System: D&D (3.5ish —  Faerun)

Race: Half-elf

Class: Sorceress (with a spellfire/wild magic feel)

Level: 3


Background: At the start, Eleri was the very predictable result of the (tritely romantic) affair of a Wood Elf Ranger and a human shepherdess.  Also predictable was the outcome; Rangers don’t become rangers for their desire to stay in one place, after all, and Eleri spent most of her time playing with sheep with her Mother.  Her parents tried to remain close for her sake; her father spent most winters nearby, and she grew up feeling both loved and happy.

When she was nine, her power (specifically her lack of control of her power) began to manifest.  Her mother tried, but in the end, she was apprenticed to Master Thomas Greybeard, a wizard friend of her fathers who lived just outside of Waterdeep.

Currently: Having been judged ready, Eleri has now witnessed firsthand the temptation to do what most casters can not; directly touch, control, and channel the weave of magic itself: Spellfire.  And after that large, life-changing, momentus experience, it’s back to grinding inks.

Comments: I’m not entirely certain of this character, to be frank.  She’s a little more OP-feeling than I usually go for, but after discussing games with David (specifically that D&D is the one system where he’s failed to wow me) he begged for a chance to try and do it.  And since Earthdawn and Zahra fell flat (due to a lot of factors, but equally my having problems with the character as his having problems with the story) we’re giving Faerun another try.