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Lissandra Millay D’Orien


This is NOT good writing.  It’s kinda stream-of consiousnessy and bulletpointy in parts.  It also assumes a working knowledge of D&D’s Eberron campaign setting.  If you don’t have any of the above, feel free to skip (but check out David’s write-up, for his characters’ list of titles if nothing else— He cracks me up.)

Lissandra Millay D’Orien
Emeric Millay — Father = Member of House — Dragonmarked
Gisella Renard — Mother = Magesmith — not dragonmarked

Raised by Grandparents, member of the Patriarch’s Council — Transportation Guild
Bayard Millay– Grandfather — Dragonmark Heir.  Authoritarian type
Amelinna Millay — Grandmother.  current primary mother figure.

Trained by Wizard– Unmarked member of House.  Roland Millay — Trained all magic-using cousins

Cousin Rosamond — best friend

Helena — Rival.


Result of father’s sowing of “wild oats” – affair with a pretty magesmith who works the Lightning Rail in Passage.  He was ~17.  Acknowledged by fathers’ family, though not claimed until Dragonmark manifested.  Father has since married, she has several half-siblings.  Father spends most of his time away, remains a bit wild and chaotic; family thinks it best if he directs his excess energy to work and not at home causing trouble (like using his good looks to father more surprises).  Mother still works as a magesmith, stubbornly independent.

Dragonmark manifested 6-8ish.  Almost run over by a cart in the market.  Also about the time she started exhibiting magic.  Was brought quickly into the household and training in use of dragonmark, magic, and house business/etiquette/politics.  Raised by her grandparents (views Grandfather as a father-figure; whereas she views her father as more a distant uncle) amidst her cousins.  Has grown somewhat distant from her mother.

Did not react well to suddenly being moved to Grandfather’s house.  Transition smoothed by Rosamond, she was the same age as Liss and took it upon herself to comfort and help her.  Have remained very close since, exchanging frequent letters when apart, or spending quiet time together when both are home in Passage.

Liss doesn’t view her abilities with magic as anything particularly special.  In much the same way some people are left-handed, or short, or have brown eyes, magic is just something that happens.  She thinks she has magic ability due to blood, as her mother is a magesmith, and her father’s family is Dragonmarked, closely tied with the Council.  While she doesn’t find her abilities with magic particularly noteworthy, she feels magic in general is, and will often spend free time with her nose buried in a book on the nature of magic, or magical theory.

As for personality and beliefs, Liss considers herself to be religious (she follows the Sovereign Host — pantheon not specific) and has been trained by her grandfather to view her responsibilities to the House as the most important thing.  She is, at heart, a people pleaser, striving to actively do good and seek responsibilities, and one of the first things she learned living with her grandparents was the way to gain approval was to follow directions, and strive for excellence in anything which will bring honor/respect/profit to the house.  As such, it has never really occurred to her that she has any options other than hard work and following the rules.

Liss knows that politics are a fact of life, and as such, there are many (potential) rivals to her family’s purposes within the house.  She does not view any of them as being really personal with a single exception.  Helena was originally a rival purely on a familial basis.  Her uncle is also a member of the Patriarch’s Council and is often in disagreement with Liss’ grandfather.  However, years of (external) comparison between the two (both being of roughly the same age, rank, and both being magic users of equal power), as well as a general difference in personality, have led to both feeling a strong sense of personal dislike toward the other.

Lissandra is currently adventuring as a means of improving herself.  She has traveled to {wherever the game is starting} as part of a one-way caravan.  She has found she prefers this sort of travel as it allows her to gain a bit of distance from the largest portion of her grandfathers’ influence.  (She wants to be treated equally, with equal responsibility, which she always second guesses on jobs gained through her family’s influence.)

Appearance and details:
Liss is 17 years old, and just on the small side of average in size.  She shares her mothers’ general appearance: blue eyes, black hair, fair skin.  Her time with her grandparents has left her keenly aware of the importance of appearance, and as such she pays careful attention to her fashion and dress, appearing in whatever is most appropriate.  Left to her own devices, however, she prefers comfort and simplicity, gravitating to loose dresses and robes in neutral colors.
At present, she wears a set of excruciatingly well-made, though otherwise simple and unadorned, travelers gear.  She keeps her hair bound back, either in a low ponytail, or with several long hairsticks.
Liss’ dragonmark spreads across the back of her neck and shoulder, mostly hidden beneath her clothes and hair.


Character Profile : Eleri


System: D&D (3.5ish —  Faerun)

Race: Half-elf

Class: Sorceress (with a spellfire/wild magic feel)

Level: 3


Background: At the start, Eleri was the very predictable result of the (tritely romantic) affair of a Wood Elf Ranger and a human shepherdess.  Also predictable was the outcome; Rangers don’t become rangers for their desire to stay in one place, after all, and Eleri spent most of her time playing with sheep with her Mother.  Her parents tried to remain close for her sake; her father spent most winters nearby, and she grew up feeling both loved and happy.

When she was nine, her power (specifically her lack of control of her power) began to manifest.  Her mother tried, but in the end, she was apprenticed to Master Thomas Greybeard, a wizard friend of her fathers who lived just outside of Waterdeep.

Currently: Having been judged ready, Eleri has now witnessed firsthand the temptation to do what most casters can not; directly touch, control, and channel the weave of magic itself: Spellfire.  And after that large, life-changing, momentus experience, it’s back to grinding inks.

Comments: I’m not entirely certain of this character, to be frank.  She’s a little more OP-feeling than I usually go for, but after discussing games with David (specifically that D&D is the one system where he’s failed to wow me) he begged for a chance to try and do it.  And since Earthdawn and Zahra fell flat (due to a lot of factors, but equally my having problems with the character as his having problems with the story) we’re giving Faerun another try.