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Brief (crafty) updates


My first batch of roving arrives sometime this week, or whenever USPS Priority Mail arrives.  I’m both terrified and excited.  And have (somewhat) jokingly requested Kaylan come spend some time with me next week to help me get going.  (So yes, the comment was a joke.  But if you want to come, we’ll totally put you up, feed you, entertain you, and talk fiber to you.  rowr.)

Also, EEEEEEE!  Spinning.  Finally using the wheel.  Even if I’m total failsauce at it (which I will likely be while I’m learning) it’s so awesome.

Also, I was totally doing a photo-doc of my baking of Judy’s birthday cake on Friday.  But it died due to the camera-battery gods.  (For the curious, I used these recipes for Yellow Cake and Chocolate Buttercream)  They were really simple, easy-to-make recipes.  I wasn’t 100% thrilled with the cake results.  It ended up pretty dense, possibly because I didn’t have cakeflour and used all-purpose instead.  But the flavor was good, even if the feel wasn’t quite right.  And the frosting… mmm chocolate buttercream.  I could devote an entire post to my love of chocolate buttercream.  Best thing about baking a cake is “cleaning up” the frosting when you’re done.


Well, here’s a linky to the pictures I did get.  Camera died after the actual assembly of ingredients for the cake, but before (well, during, but I’m out of batteries) the frosting was compiled.  So no finished product.  (Which is just as well… I’m much more good at tasty than I am at pretty, and it was a really messy icing job.)