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Conversation that never happened


RP-related drabble, where my character kicked my ass and told me to stop worrying about the fallout to an earlier conversation with an NPC.  This conversation is non-cannon to the current D&D game…  It hasn’t happened, but if it did, I think it would go something like this…

I’m glad she’s dead

Aurelia fidgeted on her stool, eyeing her companion.  Their earlier conversation had lapsed into a companionable silence, aided no doubt by the small cask of mead on the table between them, but she was going to go stomping over one of their earliest unspoken rules with a direct question.

“Do you remember what you said when we first met?”  At his raised eyebrow, she continued, “Esmerelde….  You said you were glad she was dead….   I was wondering if you still meant it.”

Yeladal’s normally distant expression shuttered tighter.  “Yes, I remember, and no my opinion has not changed.  Does that not meet with your approval?”  The disdain in the last word was palpable.

Aurelia shook her head, her brow furrowing with a slight look of frustration.  “No, you misunderstand me.”  She sighed, then shut her eyes, avoiding the stare of her companion.  “You are my friend.  I hate seeing you hold so tightly to something that hurt you.”  She opened her eyes, and gave him a pained smile.  “Holding onto this….  It truly does you no good, and I feel you would be happier if you could let it go.”

Yeladal’s expression remained distant, but he seemed content to wait in silence and let her say her peace.  He watched her face carefully as she spoke however, weighing her expression as he once had when he chided her for not being able to fully mask her emotions.

“I mean….  I don’t know what I mean.”  She pushed one of her braids back over her shoulder, and leaned in towards him, speaking earnestly.  “It’s not like that wasn’t how you introduced yourself to me….  If we were talking disapproval, I would never have made the effort to become your friend.  ‘Oh hi, that murder you were investigating?  She totally fucked me over for another guy and I’m glad she’s dead and on Arboria now.’  It’s a pretty memorable introduction!  I may not agree with you…. But disagreement is hardly something we’ve avoided, and I don’t see why it should change things now.”  Her earnest expression slid slightly more towards pleading.  “It doesn’t change things, does it?”