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In Which Our Heroine Angsts About WoW


Feel free to skip if you don’t care about WoW (not that you’re not free to skip anyway…)

So, yeah.  As has NOT been announced on the WoW Blog, I did a main-swap about a month ago.  After 4+ years of Holy Priest, I’m now on a Resto Shaman.  Aaand, I’m sucking at it.  Maybe because the other two Resto Shaman are really really good, maybe because it’s just a LOT different from Priest, but I feel like I’m completely slipping down the learning curve.

I don’t know.  My healing co-lead tells me that it’s a period of adjustment, that I’m STILL playing catch-up with several pieces of gear (because, of course, I’m wearing a combination of Ulduar Best in Slot and random Heroic Blues), that playing a shaman requires a completely different (brute force) way of thinking than the subtlety of priest…

I guess I’m just frustrated with myself because, well, it’s been a month and I STILL do noob things like forgetting to drop totems, or not refreshing Earth Shield, or forgetting what my current dots on Grid mean after having a completely different mindset for so long.  But it’s been a month, we’re progressing in Ulduar now…  And I just don’t have patience with myself, because I spend all my downtime wondering if I made the right choice…  Not so much because I don’t enjoy it (I ❤ my shammy, and it’s nice to play something-not-a-priest after so long) but because I wonder if I’m really not doing my best for the raid…

Would the raid be better served by me being on my priest?  I’m experienced and know the class backwards and forwards.  Swapping to Shaman was entirely a selfish decision.  God the guilt.