Me: Marianne, an almost-30 stay-at-home/unemployed type. I craft, read, and play too much WoW.  I have a more serious WoW-type blog at World of Snarkcraft.  I’m also a former-LJ’er of long standing, though I’m not going to link to that (it’s pretty easy to find anyway) or import.

David: The husband.  Runs a meeeeeeeean Call of Cthulhu.

Judy: The roommate.  Watches movies like a 3 year old, picking one or two and cycling them non-stop.

Madeline/Maddie/Mao/Mow: Orange female; after 5 years, has STILL not forgiven us for bringing other cats into the house.

Clio/Boo/Booboo: Tortie female, Maddie’s little sister.

Grayson/Man/Manman/Manbutt/BGM:  Former cat of Judy’s acquired when her father passed away.  Has since adopted us and is convinced that David is his twoo wuv.

Sarahbeth/Sarabutt/The Lump: Also acquired when Judy’s father passed away, most notable for her ability to do nothing for extended periods of time and her drug addiction.

There are others (of course) but these are the ones in the house, so the ones more likely to be spoken of regularly.