Oh hey, I have a blog…


No I didn’t really forget. I mean, I kinda forgot. I forgot in that “never think about it when I have the opportunity to do something about it” kinda way that’s like forgetting, but really a whole lot more like laziness.

I never said I wasn’t lazy.  At least I can reasonably argue that I was distracted.

1) We moved. We’re actually settled in. There are a few unpacked boxes, but they’re “these boxes are boxes and will remain packed because the stuff in them needs to be in boxes” kinda way. The only real unpacking we need to do is finally getting around to getting rid of several years worth of old CPUs that are sitting in the corner over there staring at me.

2) Dragon Age 2 came out. There was also a big deal on ME/ME2 to celebrate. I invested quite a few game hours on the former, and quite a few watching-hours on the latter, since my evening of ME was full of frustration and death. (Yes, I was playing on casual)

3) OMG we’re having a fucking baby. Lots of trips to the Dr. Lots of classes. Lots of time spent on Amazon.  Lots of wrangling of parental units. Lots of laundry (oh god, baby socks are so adorable, but they are completely overwhelming with their tininess. And folding onesies make me cry because there’s going to be a BABY in them in a month.)

I do have a hate-on for my Dr at the moment, however. I’ve gone from frustrated to sad to angry over the course of the past couple weeks… but please bear in mind that I’m about to explode with baby, so I’m considered mentally unstable under any court of law.

So, a week and a half ago, I get a nice little form letter from my Dr, saying she’s going to be retiring from her practice as of June 31. For those boys and girls keeping track at home, that’s less than 2 weeks before my due date. So the Dr who’s seen/bullied me through these months of pregnancy is suddenly disappearing. I don’t like change. This upsets me. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do, but why could she have not announced this sooner? Or stopped accepting new OB patients and seen her current batch through to delivery first?

So I’m feeling kinda RAR!

Monday, I go in for my final ultrasound.  Due to the results of my 22-week ultrasound (back in March), I’ve had to go in several times to monitor baby’s health/size. (For the record, Super-Psychic-Kung-Fu-Ninja-Baby is a two-vessel cord baby. Which can lead to baby being small/not developing on schedule. Scary for the announcement, but has developed perfectly normally since. In fact, baby is estimated to be a ~8lb’er, and 7.5lb is considered statistical average) Everything looks good, and the Dr doing the ultrasound tells me that I don’t need to come back for any more monitoring. Yay!

Tuesday, I have my appointment. I go in, planning on talking to my Dr about the letter she sent out, as well as ping her for advice as to the Drs she recommends seeing me through the last week or two of pregnancy. She drops the bomb.

You know, the bomb related to me having a two-vessel cord pregnancy? The bomb related to the thing she’s known since EARLY MARCH?

The bomb where she says “Oh, and because you’re a two-vessel, you’re probably going to have a C-Section or at the least be induced.”

Excuse me? What? Where is this coming from?

“First time pregnancies almost always run long.  And since you’re a two-vessel pregnancy, they don’t want growth-restricted babies staying past the 40-week mark.”

Growth restricted? You just told me baby was doing great. The other Dr told me baby was doing great. Baby’s head is at 95% (whatever the hell that means, I’m assuming it means head’s almost fully developed) and is estimated to be an 8lb’er.  Where’s the growth restriction?

I mean, I’m all for induction and caesarian as a good back-up plan. Sometimes baby just doesn’t want to come, or can’t get out, or any number of reasons where they are medical necessities. I mean, I wouldn’t be terribly happy had you told me 3 months ago that you felt it was likely, but I would have been able to deal with it at a time when I’m not already stressed, super pregnant, can barely walk and can’t sleep.

But no, out of the blue. Fuck you.


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    • I was somewhat in a state of shock when I left her office yesterday. Though before an hour had passed, I was glad of it, because I was ready to punch her in her face.

  1. Ugh. What a lot of bombs to drop on you on short notice 😦
    Couple things to keep in mind: ultrasounds as indicators of baby size are a guess, at best – I’ve heard of as big as a two-pound margin of error. Not saying your baby is teeny – just saying that may be why they’re giving you a size estimate but are still thinking of growth restriction as a possibility.
    Also, biggest duh on the planet: doctors deal in a *ton* of CYA. So this may also be coloring their discussions with you.
    If you have to be induced, don’t sweat it. You will survive, I promise ❤ I had to be induced with Brian at 38w5d because my blood pressure was sticking at 150/100 and wouldn't go down (I was high BP throughout, ergo considered high risk and consequently at the ob's a ton at the end.) And he came out just fine, as did I. Not too happy at having to drive my own damn self to the hospital, but fine 😉
    Oh! Those baby socks? The only thing worse than washing them is keeping them on 😉
    Hang in there, lady. *hugs*

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