Side project


One of the biggest problems David and I have when it comes to cooking is getting stuck in seasonal ruts.  I mean, we’ve a large pile of cookbooks, recipe magazines, printouts and recipe cards, but it’s really too much a pile to dig through when it comes time to do the weekly grocery list.

So we get stuck.  Same half-dozen recipes over and over and over again, just because of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind issue.  If we haven’t made something in a few months, we’re much less likely to remember TO make it than we are pasta bake (which due to ease, appears very regularly on your weekly menu year-round).

So, we’ve decided to take advantage of blogging (and more specifically tagging) to try and organize a virtual recipe box.  One that’s searchable, and more importantly, tagged to reflect our grocery list habits (namely, checking the store to see what’s on sale, and then planning meals around that).

And since people have been interested in our recipes in the past, I’m just gonna drop a quickie link here. (real original URL, I know!)

As mentioned, there’s some pretty aggressive (probably superfluous) tagging going on (for example, shepherd’s pie is tagged both lamb and ground lamb), and it’s still very much a work in progress.  Many of the recipes have already been featured on this blog (copy/paste is a *wonderful* thing) and..  I may keep posting some of the more “keeper” recipes here, or I may just put them all over there.  I haven’t decided yet.

So, yeah, I wanted to throw that out there.  🙂


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