So, yeah… Now with added tangents…


So the elephant in the room is out of the proverbial bag (and yes, I can mix metaphors with the best of ’em) and I’m left totally out of habit with the keeping up of this thing.

It’s not that nothing has been happening (it has, oh lordy it has), it’s just that the things happening were either 1) related to the BIG THING I couldn’t talk about or 2) completely overshadowed by the BIG THING I couldn’t talk about.  (Speaking of, tangentally, I remember reading a book way-back-when about someone who lost the ability to speak because the words got stuck behind some BIG IMPORTANT WORDS in their throat, and the magic healer kinda waved her wand and said “nothing wrong, they’re just blocked” but the main character couldn’t remember what the BIG IMPORTANT WORDS were to say them and be able to talk again.  I also remember liking the book, but I have no idea what it is or when I read it now..  Familiar to anyone?  It’s how I’ve felt for the past few months…)

But with the coming of Christmas, I could talk about it, but didn’t because Christmas Eve through New Years Day is super busy for us and I barely sat down and READ anything most days.

But yeah, as we announced on twitter (easy to do with smartphones from David’s Parent’s House (the one place we spent time where we WEREN’T actually busy during that weekish) we’re having a baby.  Yes, yes, you can now insert all your “OH GOD JOV’S BREEDING” jokes here.

Cause I am.

And you’re not supposed to say anything for the first 3 months, cause that’s when things are most iffy and likely to go toe-up, and then you’re stuck not only super depressed because you lost the baby, but super depressed because you lost the baby and having to explain it to everyone you told who’s excited that you’re having a baby.

So I can totally understand.

But we’re out of the worst of the danger zone.  I mean there’s risk up until the end, but I’m out of the biggest risk time.

Going to the doctor makes me feel I’m having a lolcat instead of a baby, however.  Camera shy.  Good at hiding from the ultrasound.

Dr:  Now, let’s see if we can get the heartbeat…


Dr: *moving the thingie*  Let’s try from another angle…


(Just in case David’s wondering why I’m giggling like a loon through the ultrasound to where the dr wants to smack me, that’s what’s going on in my head.)

But yeah, 2011 is going to be a stupid busy year.

Late March :  Moving.  Ugh, moving.  Moving at 5-6 mos pregnant = double-ugh.

Mid-July : Baby.  My Dr says first pregnancies always run long, so she’s not actually expecting it to be born until August, but I’m due two days before my birthday, 3 before David’s.  Murphy’s Law dictates I’m not gonna run long if I can hit one of our birthdays instead…


And hilight (or lowlight, depending on your perspective) of the trip to visit the inlaws for Christmas…  We’d told David’s parents, but neither of his two sisters.  David’s the eldest, Julie the middle, and Sarah the baby.  Julie is at Harvard finishing her PHD in South Asian Studies, and Sarah just started her 2nd year of med school, going into pediatrics.  We were at a *very* nice restaurant for Christmas Eve Dinner, which was where David decided to break the news to them.  So he holds up his wine glass, and says something along the lines of “And I’d like to congratulate Julie and Sarah..  you’re going to be Aunts.”

And there’s silence for a few seconds as it processes, Julie gets a “huh, that’s nice” expression on her face (she’s super reserved) and Sarah starts screaming, bouncing in her chair and clapping, then *LAUNCHES HERSELF OVER THE TABLE AT US,* knocking shit over on the way.  (Sarah is the opposite of reserved.)  (She’s also going into Pediatrics.)  (She’s also volunteered for free babysitting.)  (I’m totally gonna take her up on that, btw.)

It was great that she was so excited (though she yelled at her parents for keeping it a secret since before Thanksgiving) but like I told David after dinner… had I known she would be *that* excited (and destructive with it) I would have probably voted to tell her before dinner.  >.>


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  1. No, with Murphy’s law, labor will start on your birthday, and run over into David’s.


    Anyway, congratulations! I will look forward to many lolcat-style photos of “I can has milk nao?”

    • My old pally healing buddy slash co healing lead from last half TBC through early Wrath.

      And thank you. 🙂 Nerves have mostly worn down in the time-I-couldn’t-talk-about-it, so we’re both very excited 🙂

  2. Congrats, lady ❤ it's a crazy ride, but the end product…is awesome in so many ways.

    I'm so happy for you guys!

    Joe and I just had our own kiddo in October – he missed our birthdays, but was due on my brother's. (missed that, too, since I had to be induced.)

    Oh! Yes, lolcatting the progeny is definitely amusing. You can do things like this or this, you know?


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