But not much to say.  Reactivated the WoW subscription, but spending 99.999% of my time playing with long-forgotten lowbies (Oh baby shammy, how I love you) and being a hermit.

Which doesn’t leave much to write about.

So I’m not gonna write about that.  I’m gonna write about gaming.

As my longtime readers know, I’m what could probably be considered an active gamer.  Pen and paper, specifically.  Our weekend Planescape game is still going strong (one year, 17 levels, finally approaching The End Of The Story; the only question is will we finish before some of our group dings epic levels) and we have an additional Wednesday night game that works on a bit of a different basis.

See, Sunday is full of epic.  David is the GM, he’s all about the epic story arcs, filled with interesting characters and more plot hooks than you can shake a stick at.  He’s also very experienced, and prefers games in long formats.  Long-running, both in the “this game takes a year to tell the story” and in the “we sit down and play for 6-10 hours at a stretch.”  Needless to say, this also takes quite a bit of work and planning on his part, as well as effectively cutting him off from actually PLAYING in anything.  That’s why there’s Wednesday.

If Sunday is the epic movie trilogy (like LotR), Wednesday is Who’s Line is it Anyway.  It’s short (2 hours; 3 tops if we don’t do much chatting), experimental (try out new systems, new GMs, new characters), and small in scope  (games run 2-3 weeks on the short end, 6 on the long).  It’s a risk with all those factors, but it’s also a good exercise, at least for me.  I’m a creature of habit, I want to settle into a system, or a character, and explore the heck out of it over a long period of time.  Wednesday is way outside of my comfort zone.  For all that I whined about it (“But I was JUST GETTING INTO my last character!”) I’m looking forward to the game starting tonight.  I’ll probably follow this post up with backstory, just to fluff my post count.  >.>


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