Once again, the Sims


My Sims life continues.  Yesterday we had an appointment to pick out our flooring in the future house.  It was actually quite a bit of fun, and we snagged some stuff we weren’t expecting going into it.

First off, breaking from the pure-floor theme (before even establishing it!  Oh noes!) we have our kitchen.  Ignore the carpet there…  That’s from the show room.  The pictures are kinda bad, flash + fluorescent lighting means stuff got a bit washed out.  But it’s a good idea.  Up top, that’s our hardwood.  Nice, dark, cherry.  Directly below that, the lighter panel is our cabinetry.  That Maple appears in both the kitchen and bathrooms.  Beside the panel, the faux granite is actually a laminate countertop.  It’s actually green…  >.>

Here we have an overview of all our flooring.  The cherry hardwood floor from the main level appears at the right.  Center is the carpet which will cover both sets of stairs, as well as the upper floor and basement.  To the left, also in green, is our master bathroom floor.  Yes, yes, vinyl.  So what?  We like vinyl, it’s SOOO much cheaper than tile/stone.  Again, the colors are a bit washed out, it’s really stunning.  Which is why it’s only in the master bath…  >.>  Above and below the carpet are the vinyls that appear in the other bathrooms of the house.  The lighter vinyl at the top will be in the upstairs full bath.  The lower more beigy vinyl will be in the main floor powder room.  I…  don’t actually remember which will be in the basement bath >.>  Guess we’ll find out when we either get the form back, or get the house built.  *cough*


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