Not what we expected


In fact, it was only due to prodding from David’s father that we even looked.

However, he was right, and I’m woman enough to admit it.

Hark!  A House!

Not finalized yet, and not the specific one listed…  We’ve still got a few meetings and things to figure out before we sign the dotted line.  But a new, not-yet-built house is strangely…  fascinating.  It’s like I’m playing my favorite part of Sims, but in real life…  Not to mention, it’s got all the EnergyStar upgrades we’d have been saving up to add to any already-existing house we bought.  And, everything’s under warranty.

Build is set to start mid-September, and our move-in date will be right around Christmas, which gives us plenty of time to purge, pack, and give our landlord plenty of notice.


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    • It’s quite shiny. Like I said, however, the Sims aspect is… pretty appealing. I mean, I’m paying X amount for my kitchen counters. I can pick any color I want. Or cabinets. Or wood stain.

    • Not as much to me, either, which is why it was unintended and prompted only by David’s father… But at the same time, I’ll fully admit I was pleasantly surprised.

  1. Calling it a “Condo” still doesn’t make too much sense to me – it’s a townhouse. I assume it’s called that because there is an external entity that owns the “outside” of the property, but I’ve seen plenty of houses that do the same that were called townhouses.

    But the pleasant surprise was that despite the great location and the upgrades we wanted it was still within our budget. I never thought that buying a home that hadn’t even been built yet was a good idea before but it turned out to be surprisingly the right decision.

    • Pretty much this. It’s more bang for our buck (and will continue to be for a good while, even paying the HOA fees…) than most of the places we’d looked at.

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