Adventures in Amazon


In celebration of our birthdays a couple weeks ago, David and I decided to do something we’d been talking about for a while:  We hit up and snagged a Wii.

Backstory–  I didn’t grow up with a console.  I played Super Mario Bros a few times (first stage, once you go underground through the first pipe, I totally lost it) at my neighbor’s house when I was little, but never used a console enough that the controls became intuitive.  And when I DID use a console, I was one of those people who’d lean to steer, or jump the console to try and make the character hop.  The fact that Wii is MADE FOR PEOPLE LIKE ME is awesome.  That, and it’s full of party games…  Games designed to be played by drunk people are about the most challenging kinds of games I can manage.

Things went pretty well, for the most part.  We ordered used, which we knew would be a risky endeavor.  And the Wii arrived in relatively good condition…  with all the parental controls still password protected, meaning we couldn’t connect to the internet or change most of the settings.  But a quick call to Nintendo set everything to rights (seriously, huge love to Nintendo tech support.  Two menu steps, and 10 seconds of Mario hold music after the robo voice told me my call may be monitored, and I’m talking to Shannon who has me totally set up in slightly under 2 minutes flat.)

So, we have Wii Sports (older model Wii = original Sports game, not Resort.  Resort remains on our list of things to get later, however.  I kick ass at Frisbee Golf), Okami, and we decide we MUST HAVE rock band.

So back to Amazon we go, and we find a pretty good deal on the Rock Band 2 + peripherals bundle.  We place our order.

Next day, we get an alert that the item had already been sold, and we hadn’t been charged.  Okay, these things happen, and there’s another on sale for $10 more.

A week later, a box arrives on our doorstep.  Inside, lovingly “packed” with paper towels, is a drumset (missing half a leg…  they’re telescoping, so the drums couldn’t go above 18 inches off the floor), a guitar, mic, and…  Rock Band 1.  We were NOT amused.

So after emailing the seller, waiting, waiting and finally hearing back…  The box (lovingly repacked with the paper towels they sent us) is on it’s way back to VT.  When it arrives, we’ve been promised a refund.  We’re just out the $20 shipping fee to send it back.

But we’re still on the lookout.  Win some, you lose some, eh?


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  1. UGH on the Rockband stuff. *sympathy*

    But hooray on the tech support and the rest of it!

    (Also, I’m a terrible blog visitor, but I adore your “new” theme, however new it may be. =] )

    • hee. Lori/Seri had the exact same comment. Don’t worry, it’s only been a week or two since I swapped to this. 😉

      But yes, that was a wholly positive experience… So weird to say that about a tech support call!

  2. It may be possible to get a replacement used Rock Band 2 for $200, which would make up some of the cost. I know there was one up for that when I checked on Sunday.

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