Yesterday’s post was inspired less by something actively disturbing me than it was something I’d been thinking about that seemed like something I could muster a post on, to get me back in the habit, as it were…  It’s always so difficult posting after a long break…

And…  because life isn’t all doom and gloom, and no matter how down I get on myself and humanity in general, I can’t ignore the other side of the coin…  So I’m going to post a happy.

During WWII, Douglas Loflin (from Okie-town California) met Frank Sloan (from Hicksville Missouri) when they were stationed together in the Air Force.  They had a lot in common…  Douglas was the eldest of 7 (6 brothers, 1 sister) and Frank was the middle of 5.  Both were deeply religious, but still possessed with an ornery sense of humor.  They became best friends very quickly.

Now, Frank had joined the Air Force against his family’s wishes, and when letters and packages arrived from family and loved ones back home, nothing ever came from him.  He always brushed it off, played like it didn’t bother him, but Doug could tell it hurt when he saw the signs of love and support everyone around him received.  Doug also had somewhat an embarrassment of riches, and so wrote to his family to ask them to send a little letter love in Frank’s direction.  As can be expected in these stories, it was his sister who replied, and she and Frank began exchanging letters quite frequently.  They were entirely innocent, they spoke of mundane things…  family things.  But they provided a window into a family life and system of support he did not otherwise have.

When the war was over, Frank chose to move from Okieville Missouri to Hickstown California and open a business with Doug.  This was as well not entirely unexpected, for their friendship was very strong.  Also unexpected was the fact he had fallen in love with Doug’s 18 year old sister, and she with him.  Their mother supported the match.

Their father…  had other ideas.

I suppose this is also to be expected…  she was his daughter, his ONLY daughter, in a house full of boys.  She was the apple of his eye, the pride of his joy, and all those other things overprotective fathers say of their daughters.

She was also independent, and knew her own mind.  She and Frank headed to Las Vegas when it became clear that her father would never agree to the match.

They were also turned away because she didn’t have a license and the Justice didn’t believe she was actually 18, so they had to drive back to Hokietown to get a permission slip from her mother, as well as her birth certificate, turning the wedding into a protracted two-day affair.

But eventually they were married…  And eventually her father came around…  And Frank and Douglas remained fast friends.

Sometimes there can be happily ever afters…  My grandparents have been married over 60 years now.


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