Waiting game


Amusingly, meeting with the realtor last night to make an offer?  It wasn’t me who ended up with cold feet.

David’s sitting on the contract, waiting for our Lender to get back to us and answer a couple last minute questions before signing anything and forwarding it on.

Not that I blame him at all.  As I’ve commented several times in the past, this entire process involves quite a lot of zeroes, and we’re definitely wanting to play it cautious…  It just amuses me, since we thought going into the meeting last night that we’d gotten everything set on our end.

(But then, that’s one of the things we love about our Realtor…  Answers our questions fully, suggests more questions we didn’t even think to consider, and has a lot of patience with our tendency to take a few steps back and think.)

So, it’s the waiting game.  I think I’ve tipped over my maximum stress level because I’m just at the blank stage now.  I’m certain that will change if  our offer ends up accepted, but for now, it’s kinda nice just being too tired to stress.


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