Realtor Recap


So, yesterday we finally had our first meeting with the realtor.  We came with three lists:  the first was general questions, the second was a list of general things we like and hate, and a third was a list of listings.

And things are now moving crazy-fast.  Tuesday and Friday evening are going to be filled with looking at houses.  I guess…  I was just expecting it to take a bit longer.  I don’t know.  >.<

I mean, it’s not *really* moving fast.  We’re just moving beyond the window-shopping phase.  And just because we’re now officially looking doesn’t mean we’re going to be moving next week.  (And can I just say how much I’m looking forward to moving?  blah!)

Necessary, I know.  It’s going to happen.  David is totally having to take the lead in this (he’s the one pushing it in general) because I’m in anxiety-mode and wanting to hermit up.

Change is scary, mkay?  And house has a lot of zeroes.


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  1. *hugs* Only advice I have is to make sure someone tells you how much you’ll need to pay per month. Get that final tally. We found out the hard way that the online calculators don’t take everything into account. Our banker was able to give us a much more realistic number, so we were positive we were shopping within our limits (and not just our pre-approval limits).

    Plus, owning your own home is going to be AWESOME. I definitely follow on the hermitness (that’s SO me) but there’s so much you can do with a home.

    What are you looking forward to?

    For me, it’s maybe having a small work/writing room somewhere. A garden that I can put perennials in. A yard I can fence and put a dog in. Birdfeeders! (oh, the glorious birdfeeders!). Painting the walls. Ripping out the carpet and putting in wood (fake wood, but still wood) flooring instead. Planting a tree. Maybe adding a little koi pond. =]

    • See, we’re not handy. Anything more than a coat of paint is something that’s more than we know how to handle. (Though I’m partial to wood floors. Pet feet + wood floors = endless comedy gold.) One of the first things we told the realtor is “no fixer uppers.”

      And we’ve spoken to the lender. We know our monthly payment for about a 25k range, as well as required downpayment and the like. It’s just hard to ignore the zeroes. (Also, downpayment? That’s not a one-time cost, that’s a 5-year car loan!)

      What I’m looking forward to… Puppy (well, dog. We don’t want a puppy. Though I’m one of those that the likelihood of me calling something a puppy is inversely proportional to the dogs’ size. Mastiff = ZOMGPUPPY. Terrier = dog.) Some place that’s ours. We’ve had a roommate nearly as long as we’ve been married. Even though we’re planning on kids, time with just us would be so nice. Um, not having to move. The issue with rental is yeah, you can rent the same place for years… But as we learned a couple years ago, the owner can always say “no, I’m not going to renew your lease BYEBYE” I always am kinda worried we’re going to end up in that situation again.

      And really, is there anything out there more miserable than moving? Probably, but not many things. UGH.

      I just generally get so wrapped up in the anxiety and the bad things and the could bes that it’s hard for me to step back and look at the big picture. Especially since I don’t really feel I’ve had time to get used to the idea. Cause it’s just been faster than my system processes it.

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