Results of drive-by


We didn’t end up going by everything.  There was a couple times we missed a turn, and there was enough on our list of things to do that we just let it slide.  There were some surprises, and some that we realized wouldn’t work for us, so on the whole it was a very productive trip.

The Favorites

Woodmont Duplex – Not terribly surprising.  This was a favorite going in, and seeing it didn’t change our minds at all.  The location is good, it’s not a bad neighborhood to get into our out of, just traffic wise.  Also, neighborhood is good, area is nice, we’d be near a good grocery store, etc.  Lots of things going for it.

12th Street – This has the advantage of being less than a mile from where we are now.  We wouldn’t be changing any of our habits for shopping, etc…  Still very close commute to David’s job.  Space makes us a bit nervous, as the street it’s on is very narrow, and there’s not a lot of room for parking.

Cling Ln – A surprising favorite.  Crozet is a 20 minute drive to David’s work to the west, and as we were driving into Crozet proper, it looked kinda…  sketchy.  But the neighborhood is nice, the house is *adorable* and it’s got a lot of the things we really like.  Downsides being the price being a bit higher than we want, so it would be depending on the seller accepting a lower offer, as well as the fact we’d need to do things like shop in Charlottesville.  (Sorry, Crozet ValU-Mart, you’re not where I want to do the majority of my grocery shopping..)

The Vetos

Salisbury, Whitcover –  These are both in the same neighborhood, and share the same problem: parking.  Apartment-style 2-assigned-spaces.  No sign of space for extras for guests, etc.  We’re not certain if we’re going to continue rooming with Judy, but this neighborhood pretty much would disallow it.  Also, the fact that they’re fully attached in rows upon rows make it feel like living in a rabbit warren.  I’m a much stronger no on this than David.

Dogleg – This is David’s veto, as well as partially the reason we went on the jaunt.  Lake Monticello is going to be a 30 minute commute in the best circumstances, and 40+ is more likely.  Even though it’s the place we could get the biggest bang for our buck, David’s not willing to make the commute.  Unlike the house in Crozet, which might go up to 25 minutes during bad weather and heavy traffic, this will regularly top his 30 min commute limit.

Did not Visit

Whitney, Whitney – Both potentially outside of the commute limit, made worse by the fact that it requires 29.

Southampton, Clifden – Missed the turn


Albert – Nothing special, one way or the other.  Mostly forgettable in either direction.

Pepper – Like Albert, fairly forgettable.  Very near our former house, so we’re familiar with the area (and the fact we’d be driving across town to shop).  David’s very firmly against the whole “all the mailboxes are on the corner a block and a half away” thing, but not veto-worthy.


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