Faster than the speed of me


In the news of the good, David’s been hired permanently at the position he’s been temping over the past 4 months.  He’s been temping since we’ve been back in Charlottesville, and with me unable to find ANY steady work, things have been really stressful over the past few years.

But with a job, suddenly everything is changing faster than I can keep up.

1)  We’re looking for a house.  Like honest to god looking for a house.  Which terrifies me.  That many zeroes is way more than my brain is capable of taking in.  In January, we’re going to be hitting up a realtor in hopes of getting the process started.  (For the curious, the two houses we’re most interested in right now are here and here.)

2)  Starting a family.  We’re gonna start trying for babies this spring.

Both of which are awesome, but it’s still so overwhelming.  I don’t deal well with change in the best of situations (I’m a creature of habit) and especially now when it seems like everything is happening faster than I have the chance to become accustomed to.

Meh, pointless post is pointless.

*hugs kitty*


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  1. What beautiful homes! I love how the first one feels kinda cottagy and homey (my favorite kind of home!) and I adore all the wood in the second one.

    Good luck, and congrats to David!

  2. Wow! Congrats to David!! And how exciting to be looking at homes and looking to start a family!

    Love the duplex home. Love the large windows and all the light! The first home I couldn’t really see the house with all the furniture and “stuff” that was in each room.

    Hope 2010 is full of lots of great change!!!

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