Going, going…


I can’t shake the feeling that Sarahbeth is on the downswing.  She’s been losing weight, so Judy took her in to the vet late last week.  Her wbc count is elevated, so there’s SOMETHING going on infection-wise, she’s drinking up a storm, but not really able to use the litter box terribly well, so there’s something up with her kidneys, and she’s entirely stopped eating.

I’ve had cats all my life, and I’ve lost a dog to kidney failure.  I’m looking at her, as I’m trying to force feed her baby food (smear on teeth, wait for her to lick, hope she doesn’t just spit it out.  repeat, repeat, repeat) and it’s just…  really familiar seeming.

I mean, I hope I’m wrong.  I’m hoping the vet will figure out what’s wrong with her and it’ll be fixed like that.  But, she’s 15 years old, and has given up on eating entirely.  That just seems to me like the beginning of the end :\


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