Life after WoW


So, I’ve “canceled” my WoW account.  Which sounds a lot more doomy and gloomy than it really is…  What I really mean is I’ve canceled my recurring subscription.  Partially because I’m paid through September.  Partially because I’m on a 6-month recurring and holy cow that’s a lot of money for us at a time right now.  Partially because I have a gamecard which will see me essentially to the end of the year.  Partially because I don’t know when the card runs out what our finances will be like and what kind of block of time to afford.  And partially because I’m burning out.

Angst and whining after the break.  Read at your own risk.


But Blizzard still tries to drive the point home… it’s so weird seeing that after 4 1/2 years…

I’m kinda wtf-y about the leaked changes from MMO-Champ.  I don’t know if I believe them, or if I care, or if it matters one way or the other.  I guess things will all become clear this weekend during Blizzcon.

(eta: I’m much more enthusiastic about the changes now that I’m actually seeing them…  WoW visually is much more appealing than just words outlining changes on a page; it is somewhat a relief.  I’m hesitantly hopeful…)

For all I joke about zomg!gnome!priests! I’m really not wanting to faction jump again.  My original guild, which saw me from Spring 05 through March 08 was Alliance-side, and I loved them, even though most trickled off to do other things, left the game, or went horde and joined my current guild.  I don’t want to play Alliance, I don’t want to pick up and move again.  I have a hard time setting down roots as it is.

And also, burnout.  It makes it kinda hard to judge my feelings when I’m feeling so bleh in general.  I’ve made no secret I’m not keen on current content.  I like raiding in part for the challenge, but in large part for seeing the nifty-ass shit that Blizzard designs.  This coliseum is a one-room wonder.  The 5, 10, and 25 all take place in the same location.  It’s one big boring room with some lore-less PITA boss fights (Seriously, faction champions of all flavors: keep your fuckin PVP outta my PVE experience, k? k.)  The hardmodes are at least somewhat interesting, being new harder (for healers) takes on the same-old, which stretches things in Ulduar out a bit.  I like raiding, but I also felt like this in TBC, both right before I swapped hordeside and we were throwing ourselves against T5 content, and after the bajillionth run of Hyjal and it’s dynamic trash encounters.  And at the end of Vanilla, it was AQ40 which killed the game for me, if only temporarily.  There is definite signs that this sort of thing is “seasonal” if one counts expansions as seasons…

There’s new stuff coming out in the future: much like SWP restored my faith in humanity and my love of the game (Big!  Pretty!  Hard!  Interesting!), Icecrown Citadel is on the horizon.  I don’t want to be doom-and-gloom focused when there may be a very big light at the end of this tunnel.

And partially, I still suffer from a constant stream of shaman-angst.  My guild’s resto shamans are awesome.  I can say in full honesty, they are much stronger masters of the class than I.  I’m not a bad shaman at all, and it’s not like I’m being carried, but it still causes a level of frustration that I can’t seem to bump my game that last bit up to their level.

And I miss Jov.  I’ve always considered Priest to be my class; what I’m best at, what I generally have the most fun with.  I was burned out on Jov at the beginning of the expansion, just like I temporarily burned out on Anwynn at times prior when I was still Alliance.  I dealt with it then by having 2 raiding characters.  Main focus on An, with less-frequent runs on Vie.

This expansion is Yamalla’s expansion.  I love her, I enjoy shaman, but I always have that cloud hanging over me when I play her that I’m not doing as well as I could, but I don’t really know how to change it.

Would I still be in this position if I were playing Jov as my main?  I mean, I still think of her as being my main…  But I… don’t honestly know.  And after as hard as I fought to play Yamalla, I’m not going to find out.

So, since I’m in the doldrums and David’s never really been as into WoW as I am, we’ve been discussing what to do after WoW, since we’re probably not going to be getting the next expansion if I continue to feel this way at the end of the current.  We’ve been discussing other MMO-options for the main and have narrowed down the massive list to just a few:

LOTRO — We actually played this trial a couple years ago and had a lot of fun with it.   We’ve done the trial, we have some idea of how the game works, which classes we enjoy (and which to avoid).  It’s also very casual-friendly, with the most enjoyable quest system I’ve seen.

Champions Online — This one just looks fun.  I’m not big on super heroes in general, but it’s still looks pretty and like it could be a lot of fun to goof off on.

FFIV — It’s Final Fantasy, it’s pretty, and interestingly enough, they’ve done away with levels entirely.  You pick your quest difficulty and your rewards scale to match.

Unnamed potential Elder Scrolls MMO — This is the one I’d most like to get my hands on, and the one most likely to pull me off any other game, even if I was enjoying it.

So, yeah, whiney and not really going anywhere, as warned.


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