Thoughts on privacy


One of the things I have the most difficulty with when posting here is determining the level of privacy I want to maintain.  I mean, if you’re really wanting to poke around, you can find my full name, my husband’s name, my current residence (at least as far as city goes) etc.  Generally speaking, I’m not terribly hard to stalk.  I count on the fact that I really don’t provide any meaningfully interesting reasons to want to do so.

Well, I can bake.  But otherwise, I’m a pretty prickly individual most days.

But otherwise, I’m pretty open about “who I am” on the internet (well, except for stuff like including a facebook link in my wow blog).  For whatever reason, that doesn’t really trigger my privacy bells.

The important stuff, personal stuff about me, what I do and the like doesn’t really get covered, however.  I’m not certain why…  I said (to myself, at least) from the beginning that this wasn’t just going to be an outlet for my whining, or angsting about personal stuff.

I… don’t know why, however.  I mean, I kinda know why.  I have certain things compartmentalized in little boxes with labels like “that’s boring” or “that’s no one’s business”

It may be boring, but so are my character write-ups.  It doesn’t stop me from posting them.

It may not be anyone’s business, but neither is my recipe for porkchops, but that doesn’t stop me from sharing.

I think everyone reading this, however, is pretty active online in their own ways, so I’ll turn theses questions to you:

How do you determine your preferred level of privacy in your blog (or other online outlet)?  What are your yes and no columns?  What is kosher to discuss, and what is never handled?

What are you interested in from me?  Do you want peeks into my boring box?  My day-to-day?  My stuff I would probably whine about if I didn’t actually have an audience?


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  1. Taboo are personal problems, sex life, work-related things, gripes about friends or stuff I consider boring. Mostly, “will I regret having said this in a year, or if the person mentioned finds it and reads it?” or maybe even “would I say this out loud to a friend on a crowded bus?”

    Everything else is fair game if I feel about writing it.

    My favorite thing to read about in blogs are the things that make people happy. I like hearing a humorous gripe or two as well, but I love to hear about people’s hobbies, experiences they’ve enjoyed, books they’ve enjoyed, etc.

  2. I agree with Tami. I found that I was a little more willing to talk about personal stuff when I used LJ because I could set it friends-only.

    I think one of the hazards of personal blogging is turning it into a gripe-fest. I try to avoid that as much as I can.

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