<3 very scary <3


Okay, so this probably makes me a really bad person or something, but I don’t get people who don’t like being scared.  I don’t hate them, I just feel this odd sort of bewildered pity.

Actually, I should back up and work out some definitions here…

  • I differentiate between the “startle response” (like in carnival haunted houses, which are long strings of shit-jumps-out-at-me) and something that’s truly disturbing (Hitchcock).  The former makes me jump, yes, and often squeak… but it doesn’t scare me.  To scare me, you’ve got to make me THINK, not just react.  Fight or flight is out.
  • Likewise, in movies I have very little patience for excessive gore.  Relying on gore for shock value is like showing the monster at the end.  It’s totally just jumping the shark.  The director is standing there saying “I’m not bright enough to really scare you, so I’m gonna gross you out instead.”  (There are exceptions to this; Saw apparently manages to fall within my definition of scary, while still being one of the goriest things out there.  Unfortunately for it, I’m avoiding it for the gore, so only can go by description and hearsay.)
  • Yes, I have both phobias and an anxiety disorder.  Those don’t really count, either.

So, yeah.  I love being scared.  There’s a reason David’s one-sentence descripition in my blog references his Call of Cthulhu games (they kick my ass, freak me the hell out, and I love him to death for it.)

I don’t really have anywhere I’m going with this.  It was mainly brought about by a conversation I had earlier with someone who commented they were surprised they enjoyed a specific cthulhic fight in WoW as much as they did, since they totally don’t do scary stuff.  All I could do was somewhat boggle in response, since I’ve been eagerly anticipating seeing this fight since it was announced.

Bleh.  Are my definitions too narrow, excluding too much of what scariness is?  Maybe, but it works for me, and I don’t try to foist them off on anyone else.

I just can’t believe I’m the only one out there who thinks like that…


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