I need an intervention


Much in the same way that Fall is pie season, February is cookie season.  Not only is it a MISERABLE time of year in general, with blustery, wet, slushy mess whenever you go outside, the Girl Scouts are out and about spreading their little bits of crack.

Yes, our house is full of Girl Scout cookies.

Additionally, after getting nice and sick while grocery shopping on Valentines (go go antibiotics not playing nice with my tummy), I self-medicated with some free store samples of Ginger Snaps.  (Ginger settles the stomach.  It really does!  And not just me using it as an excuse for nom nom ginger snap cookies.)

They were so good, I brought some home with me.

And because they always come in threes, we got in a conversation about my raspberry-filled shortbread cookies over lunch the next day.

I actually said “Hrm, I should make those again…  I’ll make cookies tomorrow!”

Then I stopped and looked around at the contents of my house:

1 tub ginger snaps

approximately 15-bajillion boxes of Girl Scout cookies

And I was wanting to make more??  oy vey.


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    Note that the version I use – with the whole wheat flour, does taste like it uses whole wheat (it’s got…*waggles fingers indeterminedly*..bits in it) and they also collapse after you pull them out of the oven.

    However, they make the MOST wonderful thin chewy nommable gingery delightful om nom aaaaammmnom…

    what was I saying? Right. Whole wheat flour makes them thin and bendy. If you like them fluffy and puffy, you may have to experiment.

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