Sick sucks


As probably anyone who’s known me for a while knows, late winter to early spring is hell for me. I get the lovely evil combination of allergies, asthma, and sinus infections which (if I’m not careful) can spiral down to Bronchitis and Pneumonia in the blink of an eye. So that’s where I’ve been. Not with the Bronchitis and Pneumonia part (I went to the Dr on Friday, 24 hours into exhibiting symptoms, then again Sunday when the allergy meds she gave me didn’t work and I was going downhill fast) but the miserable can’t-breathe-can’t-sleep-coughing-a-lung-out-but-getting-better part.

So, yeah! TMI for all!

But I’ve a stack of rants and a stack of recipes on the back burner, so I’ll be picking up again soon.


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