So… I am still alive. (yay!)

And I have a blog. (yay!)

And I have a baby. (double-yay!)

What I don’t have, apparently, is time. It’s not that I don’t want to post. It’s not even really that I have nothing to say (though y’alls opinions on nothing to say may not match mine. Poop is a valid conversational topic, I assure you.) But snagging time for a post around baby (who loves me and never wants me to put him down EVER) is more difficult than anticipated.

But that’s okay, and totally worth it.

Ian is just over 5 months now, and I wouldn’t trade that time for anything. Not even for more sleep. 😉

Ian and Daddy

Oh hey, I have a blog…


No I didn’t really forget. I mean, I kinda forgot. I forgot in that “never think about it when I have the opportunity to do something about it” kinda way that’s like forgetting, but really a whole lot more like laziness.

I never said I wasn’t lazy.  At least I can reasonably argue that I was distracted.

1) We moved. We’re actually settled in. There are a few unpacked boxes, but they’re “these boxes are boxes and will remain packed because the stuff in them needs to be in boxes” kinda way. The only real unpacking we need to do is finally getting around to getting rid of several years worth of old CPUs that are sitting in the corner over there staring at me.

2) Dragon Age 2 came out. There was also a big deal on ME/ME2 to celebrate. I invested quite a few game hours on the former, and quite a few watching-hours on the latter, since my evening of ME was full of frustration and death. (Yes, I was playing on casual)

3) OMG we’re having a fucking baby. Lots of trips to the Dr. Lots of classes. Lots of time spent on Amazon.  Lots of wrangling of parental units. Lots of laundry (oh god, baby socks are so adorable, but they are completely overwhelming with their tininess. And folding onesies make me cry because there’s going to be a BABY in them in a month.)

I do have a hate-on for my Dr at the moment, however. I’ve gone from frustrated to sad to angry over the course of the past couple weeks… but please bear in mind that I’m about to explode with baby, so I’m considered mentally unstable under any court of law.

So, a week and a half ago, I get a nice little form letter from my Dr, saying she’s going to be retiring from her practice as of June 31. For those boys and girls keeping track at home, that’s less than 2 weeks before my due date. So the Dr who’s seen/bullied me through these months of pregnancy is suddenly disappearing. I don’t like change. This upsets me. I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do, but why could she have not announced this sooner? Or stopped accepting new OB patients and seen her current batch through to delivery first?

So I’m feeling kinda RAR!

Monday, I go in for my final ultrasound.  Due to the results of my 22-week ultrasound (back in March), I’ve had to go in several times to monitor baby’s health/size. (For the record, Super-Psychic-Kung-Fu-Ninja-Baby is a two-vessel cord baby. Which can lead to baby being small/not developing on schedule. Scary for the announcement, but has developed perfectly normally since. In fact, baby is estimated to be a ~8lb’er, and 7.5lb is considered statistical average) Everything looks good, and the Dr doing the ultrasound tells me that I don’t need to come back for any more monitoring. Yay!

Tuesday, I have my appointment. I go in, planning on talking to my Dr about the letter she sent out, as well as ping her for advice as to the Drs she recommends seeing me through the last week or two of pregnancy. She drops the bomb.

You know, the bomb related to me having a two-vessel cord pregnancy? The bomb related to the thing she’s known since EARLY MARCH?

The bomb where she says “Oh, and because you’re a two-vessel, you’re probably going to have a C-Section or at the least be induced.”

Excuse me? What? Where is this coming from?

“First time pregnancies almost always run long.  And since you’re a two-vessel pregnancy, they don’t want growth-restricted babies staying past the 40-week mark.”

Growth restricted? You just told me baby was doing great. The other Dr told me baby was doing great. Baby’s head is at 95% (whatever the hell that means, I’m assuming it means head’s almost fully developed) and is estimated to be an 8lb’er.  Where’s the growth restriction?

I mean, I’m all for induction and caesarian as a good back-up plan. Sometimes baby just doesn’t want to come, or can’t get out, or any number of reasons where they are medical necessities. I mean, I wouldn’t be terribly happy had you told me 3 months ago that you felt it was likely, but I would have been able to deal with it at a time when I’m not already stressed, super pregnant, can barely walk and can’t sleep.

But no, out of the blue. Fuck you.

Post potentially full of too much TMI


I’ve been waffling a bit in a should-I-shouldn’t-I kinda way about making a post about this whole pregnancy thing, and the baby thing, and all those things. Usually, I try to stay away from anything *too* personal, I mean this is a personal blog, so everything in it is personal by definition… But it’s also public and the public doesn’t need to really know about every time I clip my toenails.

But pregnancy makes people chatty (or maybe it’s just me; I’m not too social, twitter notwithstanding, so I’m not on any of the “mommy-boards” or anything like that) and it’s come up tangentially in a few conversations, so I figure what the hell.

This may be TMI, it may be boring, it may be something y’all want to skip because hey, way more of me than you want. And that’s totally cool, I don’t blame you a bit.

Shit people don’t tell you about before you get pregnant

1.  Everyone knows about morning sickness. I think most people probably think that morning sickness is the way people first discover they’re pregnant. And for some, that may be true– but there’s a whole load of other potential symptoms that they don’t mention.  First, morning sickness is a misnomer. It’s not some magical thing where you wake up with a hangover every morning, and are fine by lunchtime. It hits everyone different and doesn’t hit everyone at all. Just as likely are the “post meal sickness” the “wake up in the middle of the night sickness” and “the all day sickness” And joy of joys, you can shuffle through all the above during the first trimester! Second, you know your old buddy PMS? Sore breasts, crampy belly, irritability? Yeah, those are symptoms too. So are exhaustion, and weird taste changes. Related:

2.  It’s not just cravings for pickles and icecream. I mean, you may be craving that combination, I don’t know. Supposedly, icecream is the #1 craving among pregnant women (I don’t know how they figure that, Ben and Jerry were two of my best buds before I got pregnant.) The part the don’t mention is your sense of taste actually changes. Foods you used to love taste like shit (grilled asparagus turned to burnt peat moss to me, not that I know how that tastes, but it tastes like burning peat smells) and foods you used to dislike suddenly are the best things ever (I could write epic poetry to my current love of red bell pepper.) You can also taste things stronger; I’ve become hyper aware of the amount of salt and sugar in foods, too much and it’s completely overpowering, also my love of spicy foods has been thwarted by my super-sensitive mouth and lips. Little bit of heat, and boy do I feel it.

3.  Keeping with the food theme, you’re not always going to be more-hungry. You’ve got a baby in there, stuff is being rearranged. The amount you can actually eat in any given meal shrinks dramatically as the pregnancy progresses.  All those jokes about pregnant ladies eating four servings of everything? I call shenanigans. My average portion size has shrunk (though portion control was always a problem for me to begin with.) What I do notice is I’m hungry more often. If we’re in the middle of something and whatever meal is late, I know it. My stomach reminds me constantly, to the point where all I can think about is food and how hungry I am.

4.  Speaking of shuffling, your insides shuffle. Specifically, everything in your abdomen gets pushed UP by baby. Your belly starts feeling like it’s getting big way before you’d expect it to. Like, month 2-3, you’ll start getting bigger between the belly button and the ribs. Baby goes up before baby goes out.

5.  Your boobs don’t stop growing, like, ever. Don’t be dumb like me and try to put off buying bras until they’ve stabilized. They don’t. Go to the store, go up the cup size, grow into them. (Or, if you live in Charlottesville, get talked into the balconette bra, cause if you’re gonna be overflowing anyway, you might as well overflow up with shelf/wench boobs and killer cleavage and take advantage of it while it lasts.) Seriously, you’re going to gain ~1 lb. in each.

6.  Also, you can start producing in the second trimester. Yes, 4-6 months before anyone’s gonna be turning to your boobs as a source of nourishment, you can start needing to worry about the big wet spots on the front of your shirts. (Related– Dear boobs, I hate you so much. You suck. No love, me.)

7.  Stretch marks itch. And you’re going to get them. Your belly button is going to itch. And it’s not ever ever ever going to stop. (More specifically, it’s not gonna stop until you stop growing.)

8.  Every part of your body is going to be working overtime. Your nails will grow like crazy, and get super-stronger. Your hair will do the same. This is awesome if you want to grow your hair out, less good if you like getting manicures (well, less good for the pocket book as you’ll constantly need retouches). Also, all your mucus membranes are going CRAZY doing dress rehearsals to… er… grease the way. Unfortunately, your body doesn’t recognize the difference between the mucus membranes that NEED the extra greasing and the ones that don’t…  Like… your sinuses. It’s like the worst nasal congestion/allergies of your life, and like everything else, it doesn’t stop until baby comes.

9.  You know that feeling when your eyelid starts twitching like crazy, and it’s aggravating and completely in-your-focus noticeable but you can’t do anything with it? That’s what your belly feels like once the baby starts really moving. My mom and mother-in-law talked about flutterings and butterflies and bubbles… maybe that’s what they got, I got elbows and kung fu.

10.  Baby shit’s expensive. No, no, no, I know that’s obvious, but hear me out… Baby needs shit you wouldn’t normally even think of, especially cause you need such a variety of it. Find a guide. Check out consumer reports and factory/governmental recalls, and buy everything used that you can. Babies grow so fast, you can usually count on SOMEONE you or a close family member knows (or hell, a close family member) that you can inherit clothes from.

11.  You need to make a lot of decisions early. Who’s your pediatrician going to be? Set up a pre-birth appointment so you can meet each other, and they’ll have your expected delivery date so they won’t be surprised going “who’s this” when the hospital calls them and says they have a patient once you’ve given birth. Are you going to learn the gender? Are you going to circumsize? Are you going to breast- or bottle-feed? What are you going to do about schooling? Church? Sports? The arts?

12.  Baby likes to sit on your hips. And when baby sits on your hips, baby sits on the veins and nerve bundles going to your hip and leg. And when baby sits on those veins and nerve bundles, you lose all control of your hip and some control of your leg, meaning you can very easily end up on the ground. You’ve got a LOT of blood in your body, it’s not the “get up too fast and fall because all the blood rushed out of my head” it’s “get up too fast and fall because my leg doesn’t work”  It’s about as fun as it sounds.

13.  I would think of a 13 but I’m hungry and distracted.

RL post


So, tomorrow is the busy day of busy days. We have our 22-week ultrasound at 9, which for those following along from home is the “big one.” You know, the one where they tell you “oh it’s a {fill in the blank here}” if you want. Well, to be specific, it’s the one where we hope kung-fu baby is modest and doesn’t go flashing it’s crotch at the camera cause we don’t want to know.

I’m not entirely counting on it. Baby has proven itself quite adept at doing exactly what is not wanted at that moment. (I swear, it’s gonna be a boy.)

But, gender issues aside, I’ll hopefully be able to fend off ravening future-grandmas with new pictures. Since every time I talk to my mom, she only wants to talk about the baby.

Though, that’s somewhat understandable her wanting good/happy news. Stuff in California isn’t going so great. My grandfather, who is in his mid-80s, was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. It’s aggressive, which is bad, but it hasn’t spread, it was caught early, and he’s totally healthy otherwise, which is all good. He’s expected to make a full recovery, but he’s going to be in the middle of his radiation treatment when the baby is born. And I’d just convinced them to come out this summer, too.

I know it’s selfish, but once I heard he WAS expected to make a full recovery, that’s the part that gets me worst.

Also, my uncle has just been admitted into the hospital. He finally let my grandparents call an ambulance for him to deal with the slow suicide he’s been committing over the past two years since his wife died. He may weigh 80lb.

I’m really really worried for my grandmother, with all these things happening almost at once.

So, I don’t really mind my mom only wanting to talk about the baby. I hope tomorrow there are new picture(s) I can show her.

The rest of tomorrow, we’ll be at the new house doing all the final inspections. Not much to say there, really, just that we’ll totally be running around like crazy trying to get everything together. That and I hate moving..

More on MMOs



So, as mentioned MUCH earlier (like… nearly a year ago-earlier) two of the big MMOs in our sights were GW2 and SWTOR.  Oh, I suppose to be more specific, the fact that GW2 and SWTOR had been in our sights, but GW2 was quickly falling off the radar, as far as personal preferences go.  GW2 was just sounding more and more like not the kind of game I wanted to play.  SWTOR won by default, with David’s devotion to everything Bioware and Star Wars (except the prequels… we don’t talk about those) overwhelming the more distant “that seems kinda interesting” feelings I had toward GW.  GW appearing to become more and more the type of game neither of us wanted to play was really the nail in the coffin.

SWTOR became our new hope.  (u c wut i did thar?)  Both Bioware and LucasArts were stingy with information, close mouthed and doling it out in minute drops.  We even ended up resubscribing to WoW, since we’d been goofing off on some other F2P games, but finding them less-fun than the Blizzard Behemoth. We even had high hopes for Cataclysm, dropping the money and getting about a months worth of playtime in it before (re-)discovering that WoW just doesn’t do it for us anymore.

As is also probably obvious from another recent post of mine, I discovered Rift. I didn’t go into it with any real expectations… Over the summer, David and I had gotten into the habit of signing up for any betas/F2Ps that looked even remotely interesting. And the soul system of Rift was definitely interesting enough to get a beta key and spend some quality time with the downloader. I certainly didn’t intend to enjoy it as much as I did. And suddenly, my Rift-raves started to sound a lot like David’s devotion to SWTOR.  There was once again two games on our potential horizon.

Granted, the likelihood of being able to start Rift much before SWTOR’s release (since they’re aiming for sometime this year) is a bit iffy due to a total MMO hiatus until end of summer due to baby.  It just puts them on more even footing. And while Rift appeals to me for the aspects of it, it also appeals because it’s a known quantity, which due to the secrecy surrounding SWTOR, you can’t say about the Other Game.

But I’ve still been keeping track. I watch MMO news/blog sites, and SWTOR is still in the running for Next Big Thing, with all the supposition and commentary you’d expect to find when people are left to their own devices to interpret vague developer comments.

Well, I’ve been watching those vague developer comments, and…  I’m not really liking where it SEEMS like it’s going.

First off, I may not share David’s love for them, but I have a lot of respect for Bioware. They make some great games. I also grew up on Star Wars, though my devotion to the franchise is… not terribly devoted.  David loves both, with a love matched only by his love of good chocolate and weird beers.

Just to get that out there before I start.  Ahem.

Okay, so.  Bioware has stated that they want to use SWTOR to put the RPG back in MMORPGs. But I’m worried that they’re going to make an awesome subscription-based RPG, that misses the whole MMO boat.  There’s not a lot of detail as to what they actually mean by their comment, beyond some mentions of the class quests. Well, this sets me to worrying… What is the primary function of the RPG? You, playing a pivotal character. A hero. When you think of RPGs, you think of heroes. MMOs lend themselves much more to adventurers than heroes. The bar is lower. The club is more open. It’s more “reasonable” to see multiple high-level characters running around.  To poke at the RPG aspect, it doesn’t ruin your immersion, which seeing a 100 other people who are heroes Just Like You would do in a traditional RPG. Playing a hero works in a single player game. You’re the only one awesome enough to be controlled by someone NOT the computer, after all.  MMOs require it to work in a setting surrounded by other people.

Also, Bioware wants to focus more on the class quest lines. Now, I have NO IDEA how important these will be, or how much time they’ll take up. But it’s pretty likely that all the real pivotal moments of gameplay for your character, the real character development, will come from these class quests. Well, guess what? Unless you want to create a party of all Jedi Knights, you’re going to be looking at a lot of time soloing, or potentially helping your buddy through run around and kill stuff quests that you can’t actually participate in yourself.  (Have I mentioned recently that I don’t solo? Cause I don’t.)

I’m also REALLY worried about the crews. I mean, think about it. You have minions. These minions do all your crafting/gathering/professioning, leaving you to be awesome. They also interact with you, have deep and meaningful quests and storylines, and can even be romanced.

Why would you want to play with other players? I mean really… You could have SnarkyRobotDPS backing you up and providing witty commentary tailored to your current progress on his storyline… or you could have IMAJEDILOL and his endless piles of leetspeek.

Is SWTOR a MMO? I’ve forgotten.

(Special thanks to Larry Everett at Massively, who made a post summing up/sharing all my concerns.  He probably does a MUCH better job putting them together than I do, and you all should read it.)

So, Rift…


Okay, I’ll fully admit I’m totally ready to eat my words. I’ve seen a lot of hype about Rift, enough to get myself into beta, but… I wasn’t sold on the prospect. I had tried a few characters in the last beta (screenshots at the bottom) and I was torn. The game itself ran well, was polished, and pretty fun… But I was having issues with the characters I made. Each I was dissatisfied with (for stupid Marianne-specific that-makes-no-sense reasons) so each one hit approximately level 7 before I decided it wasn’t for me and tried something else. That was how things stood two weeks ago in Beta 5.

The problems I mentioned above were stupid, I’ll admit. My first attempt at a character was a cleric (of course) in the Defiant faction, and I went for Druid/Shaman/Justicar. Essentially a melee-dps “I hit things with a giant hammer and they FEEL IT” ret pally playstyle with a little fairy to follow me around and play healbot to me and anyone else in my party. We’ve already established that Marianne doesn’t play games alone, and so shit DIED. Shit died so fast David and I didn’t even have time to blink. Listening to chat over the course of her 1-7 grind, I seemed to have stumbled upon the best cleric leveling build, one of the better leveling builds in the game as it stands, purely by accident.  I picked things that seemed to go together and, um, it totally went together.My hammer is hiding, but it will smash your face in.

So, yeah, I stopped playing a character because it was OP and I was bored. Go me.

Attempt number two went somewhat like the first. I made another character, this time a rogue and Guardian faction, because I wanted to try it (both class and other faction’s quests) out. Now, I’d done melee last time, so I decided I wanted to be ranged, and there is a bard soul for rogue as well, so I knew I had to pick that up. So I decided to go Ranger/Marksman/Bard. Ranger gave me a pet and some ranged shots, Marksman gives MOAR RANGED DAMAGE, and bard gives general group buffs, as well as the ability to channel music at enemies and smite them down with it.  Bard was pretty awesome, and it made me giggle. However, there was a slight problem: shit died. Shit died WAY TOO EASILY. Where was the challenge in this game? All I’d seen so far was stuff dies almost as soon as I look at it. Sure enough, I’ve picked the “best” solo rogue leveling build and one of the best in the game once again. Once again, I’m not leveling solo. Once again, I’m bored out of my mind. I want games that can actually be a challenge, damnit!WAR PIGGY

Fast forward to last Friday, the start of Beta 6. I’m somewhat hesitant to play, even though I’ve only tried half the classes, and a VERY SMALL FRACTION of the potential soul combinations. (thank you firefox, combinations IS a word. :P) There are also a couple things that I still really WANT to try, more than just “I should try this cause I haven’t.” I’ve also seen a lot of RAVE reviews, mostly from people and sources I trust, all saying the game is awesome and implying it takes a bit to get going. So I decide to go for it. So the plan was hatched: Find a character I want to play and get past level 7, aim for 10 or 15, and see when the game starts getting good and how good it is.

First step is resetting to my default. I look for characters and classes who are purely support and go from there. First try was a mage, specifically a Chloromancer/Dominator/Archon. I have buffs, I have CC, and I have healing debuffs. We’re back Defiant because mad science > religious zealotry. I’m trying Chloromancer because it’s a very interesting and different type of class from any I’ve seen before. I attack my target with debuffs which have a chance to cause healing to anyone hitting that target. Unfortunately, I’m somewhat flailing because my damage is shit, we totally don’t need CC, and the chance to heal is pretty low until you get a chunk of points invested in the class. I seem to have bypassed “support” and gone straight to “useless” so alas, she gets set aside as well.A fully-clothed mage? UNPOSSIBLE!

By now, I’m beginning to flail. Doing the dishes Friday night, I’m whining at David about the game, the fact it’s either too easy or too useless, that Trion needs to be able to sell a game in the first 5 levels, not wait until it gets fun at some unspecified “later” and generally being a ranty mess. David, since this beta and game was my idea anyway, reasonably suggests quitting if it’s not being fun.  I decide no, I’m gonna push forward a bit. There’s one more thing that’s on my list to try, and I want to try it before I was my hands of the game entirely.

You guessed it, I rolled another cleric. This one a Sentinel/Purifier/Cabalist, basically as close as Rift comes to WoW’s holy priest. Sentinel gives me a variety of heals, including smart-AOE, a Nature’s Swiftness equivalent , and a binding-heal clone at later levels. Purifier gives me some pally-like single-target nuke heals. Cabalist I took because I felt I needed to have SOME DPS ability, but I haven’t actually invested any points in it to speak of.  It just gives me a small boost to spell power and a single 3-target AOE damage spell.

Maybe it’s because we’d just done the Defiant noob zone 2 hours earlier, but we zoom through with nary a pause. I do fail!dps and healing as needed, David does most of the killing. It’s like Vanilla WoW all over again (back when my idea of MMOs was “follow David and heal him”) in some ways, because the DPS of the healbot in Rift is very much less the DPS of a healbot in Cata. But for the first time, we cracked the lv 7 barrier. At lv 8, we were in the first “main zone” of the game, outside of the safe noob areas, and experiencing what Rift was supposed to be about. We learned about questing and Rifts.

By the end of Friday night, Rift was in the category of “more fun” but I was still somewhat skeptical. Sure it’s pretty, sure the classes are *really* interesting, sure I’ve finally found something I’m having a blast with… But those rifts… I’m trying to quest, and I just want to turn this stupid quest in, and I can’t because there’s a rift with elite mobs pouring out of it and oh-god and they’ve killed the quest mob… damnit. We’d participated in a few Rift closings, and they were kinda fun… But when you’re trying to quest it’s kinda a hassle. Sure, it’s fun now, but how will it feel after the 100th? 200th?Tentacles are their own reward.

By Saturday, I realized I was looking at the game from the wrong perspective. Rift is about it’s name. It’s about closing rifts. THAT’S what you’re supposed to do. Questing is just something you do to kill time while you’re waiting for rifts to pop. The lightbulb went off and I dragged David back into the game with renewed fervor. We spent several hours questing as we went, but spending most of our focus running toward any rifts we happened to see falling out of the sky.  Major invasion? Oh, well we have a quest to turn in to the south, so let’s go for the more southerly rifts first. By the time it came to turn off the computers Sunday for D&D, we’d both reached lv 16, had cleared enough rifts (thanks to a major death invasion) to get the tokens for epic pants, and accumulated the money (after raiding the above-mentioned alts) to snag mounts.Vainyuu love. <3 my half-headed antelope.

And now, we wait. Beta 6 closes this morning, and there’s one more week-long beta planned for next week leading up to the game’s release. I know I’m going to be playing it. It’s the best thing since sliced bread, and the most fun I’ve had in a game since…  about forever. Therein lies our problem.

Our MMO funds are completely tied up in WoW at the moment. We don’t have the money to play two MMOs, with two monthly fees and two accounts. Right now is also REALLY not the time to purchase the start-up funds for two new MMOs either, not with the house set to close next month and the baby due in July. I’m also WAY more into Rift than David is. David is focused almost entirely on SWTOR, which he’s much more into than I am. About the only thing we do agree on right now is WoW isn’t really doing it for us. What WoW does have is our weekly game night with friends.

Currently the plan is to cancel our account to WoW in late-June/early-July, to end as close to just before the baby is due as possible (since we won’t be playing ANYTHING with a brand newborn), and then reassess or MMO time/desires in August/September, when we’re at the point where we can start thinking about doing things for ourselves again. Maybe then I’ll be able to play Rift. Maybe SWTOR will be released and David’ll snag us into that. Maybe WoW will be the shiznit and we’ll be back there. Or maybe we’ll decide that we don’t want to do any MMOs at all.

So yeah, Rift is awesome, I love it, and I’d totally rate it worth the price of admission. Also, sooper-seekrit message to past-self: When does Rift really get fun? The answer is lv 8-10, when you first get to the open world and can start participating in rift closures. And if any of you are also participating in the beta, feel free to friend Basmajini (me) or Thalis (David) on the Shardfallen server.

Side project


One of the biggest problems David and I have when it comes to cooking is getting stuck in seasonal ruts.  I mean, we’ve a large pile of cookbooks, recipe magazines, printouts and recipe cards, but it’s really too much a pile to dig through when it comes time to do the weekly grocery list.

So we get stuck.  Same half-dozen recipes over and over and over again, just because of the out-of-sight-out-of-mind issue.  If we haven’t made something in a few months, we’re much less likely to remember TO make it than we are pasta bake (which due to ease, appears very regularly on your weekly menu year-round).

So, we’ve decided to take advantage of blogging (and more specifically tagging) to try and organize a virtual recipe box.  One that’s searchable, and more importantly, tagged to reflect our grocery list habits (namely, checking the store to see what’s on sale, and then planning meals around that).

And since people have been interested in our recipes in the past, I’m just gonna drop a quickie link here.  http://dmrecipes.wordpress.com/ (real original URL, I know!)

As mentioned, there’s some pretty aggressive (probably superfluous) tagging going on (for example, shepherd’s pie is tagged both lamb and ground lamb), and it’s still very much a work in progress.  Many of the recipes have already been featured on this blog (copy/paste is a *wonderful* thing) and..  I may keep posting some of the more “keeper” recipes here, or I may just put them all over there.  I haven’t decided yet.

So, yeah, I wanted to throw that out there.  🙂